Rožmberská 39, 379 01 Třeboň, Česká republika
Telefon: +420 604 529 570

Special offer:

The guest house Modrá růže is also offering holiday's at a country house which was built up in the typical south Bohemian style, called National Baroque. The farm is located in a small village named Kojákovice, 9 km far away from Třeboň. This small village has it´s world uniqueness – villatic museum

The country house is equipped with:

  • country-style kitchen with living corner (2 beds)
  • living room with 4 beds
  • bedroom with 2 beds
  • bathroom with shower, and separated toilette
  • closed patio with garden and a pool for children, safe parking in the patio is possible

This offer is especially recommended for longer stays, families and large groups.

In the surrounding area you canride a bike, have long relaxing walks, collect mushrooms and go swimming.






Certifikát HO.RE.KA - Penzion ***
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