Rožmberská 39, 379 01 Třeboň, Česká republika
Telefon: +420 604 529 570

The guest house is located:

  • in the heart of the City of Třeboň In the year 1976 the Historical Centre became a historical protected area. The most important sights are the Renaissance Castlesurrounded by an English Park,the main square of Třeboň with the Tower of the City hall, the new-gothic Schwarzenberg Tomb a and the Gothic Church of the Holy Mary, and Saint Jiljí with the unique statue of the Madonna from Treboň. The city offers regular cultural and entertainment events.
  • 300 m away from the Spa Berta in Třeboň The Spa Berta exists since 1883 and belongs to one of the most important and the most modern fenny spa. Besides the traditional locomotive organs the Spa is offering different cures to relax and improve the condition.
  • close to the Fish-Pond Svět there are several possibilities for sporting, hiking and bicycle riding The area around Třeboň is truly a medicine for soul and body. It is offering several possibilities to re-new or increase the power of your body. Additionally the area is ideal for hiking, bicykle riding, watersports, fishing, horse back riding, hunting, minigolf, tennis, bowling, squash, swimming and fitness. Because of the nature and history the area around Třeboň is protected by UNESCO and became protected landscape area.




Certifikát HO.RE.KA - Penzion ***
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